What is SongArk

What is Song Ark?  Song Ark is the creation of singer-songwriter Holly Lerski.

It is a portal of sorts: a virtual ark (website) full of exclusive, digital tracks from artists who feel they want to make a difference by donating one song, and it’s download proceeds, to a charity of their choice who would otherwise struggle.

It’s a small way to make a big difference and it’s about as direct as you can get since, minus the Paypal payment charge, there are no costs.  No outlay needed for CDs needing to be pressed, and therefore no wastage. When it comes to running costs the only ones are the running of a website,  and that’s already donated.

So, will you be a part of it? Will you spread the word, tell other musicians, songwriters, friends, family? I hope so. The Song Ark relies on people crafting their own collection, so all songs make a difference.